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OK so all you ever hear is how people are extraordinary at things, or special because of this or that.  When was the last time you heard someone say, " Oh that guy, yeah he's cool, he's the most average guy i know." or "Yeah, that girl, she was the most basic sex ever." It just doesn't happen. 
Only the exceptional are interesting and worth hearing about. So why keep the unexceptional at all?! Mediocrity is a disease and needs to be snuffed out. i say we herd them all up and cattle drive them to the nearest cliff, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary this cliff may be, and send them over the edge and well, if they happen to survive, well then i guess they are quite extraordinary after all.   
Now i'm sure this sounds a bit crazy to a few of you out there but think about it, a world of extraordinary people, doing extraordinary things. And who would witness these extraordinary acts by these extraordinary people...? Who cares! Everyone is exceptional and too busy doing exceptional deeds to be concerned with what anyone else is doing. 
All Hail The Mighty Exception!

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